FOCUS Group Ministries
Friday, January 30, 2015


Prison Discipleship Class
Christian Academy (FCA): This educational component of the FOCUS Christian Transition Program was established to offer classroom training focused on spiritual foundation building, life disciplines (e.g., parenting skills, and addiction support groups, etc.), relationships, money management and accountability.  It is our belief that men need to be well prepared for their new life of freedom prior to being released from prison and have had more than 600 men participate in FCA in all of the East TN prisons since 2008, providing “faith-based” alternatives to many of the classes required for parole. 

Discipleship Classes conducted through the Chaplains’ Departments (e.g., Experiencing God, Purposed Driven Life, etc) help Christian inmates develop a closer relationship with Jesus Christ, as well as learning to live in loving, Christian community while still in prison.  

Life-Skills Class
Life-Skills Classes
such as “Abundant-Life Skills, Inside-Out Dads, Romantic Relationships 101, and Personal Financial Management help to provide much needed skills, as well as, a focused “Life-Plan” to help men to cope with post-release life stressors that often resulted in them coming back to prison in the past. 

FOCUS Women's Ministry has a program to disciple women inside the Knox County Jail system.  A variety of classes ranging from Bible study, budget and finance, to parenting and life skills are taught. 



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